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13 Boitsfort is home to Boitsfort Rugby Club, one of Belgium's most successful Rugby Union teams. Je vous conseille les dés de bœuf grillés! It has been suggested that the name Watermael derives from the Frankish word "water" and "depression in the land" ( mahlo ). 12 The current bourgmestre (mayor) is Olivier Deleuze of Ecolo. FAR away YET close BY, by the 19th century, there were a  number  of  ways  to  travel from Boitsfort/Bosvoorde  to  the  centre  of  Brussels. B 4 Originally part of the estate of Watermael, Boitfort became separate after a hunting lodge, on a site adjacent to the forest, was given to the Boutsvoord family by the Duchy of Brabant in the 13th century. The population of Watermael rose from 349 inhabitants in 1709 to 826 in 1800. A b c Jaumain. Sonian Forest forêt de Soignes or, zoniënwoud ). Woluwe and, watermaelbeek to the north of the, sonian Forest.

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It is here that the Woluwe oWcially starts its 10-kilometre northward trajectory towards its estuary in Vilvoorde. There is one hotspot of international activity in the municipality: The International School of Brussels on the site of the former Bischoffsheim castle. 7 Although several industries grew in the area during the 19th century, Watermael-Boitsfort remained largely agrarian and increasingly residential, especially after the municipality was linked to Brussels by railway in 1854. Demandez les scampis grillés en salade, c'est juste succulent! Description, watermael boitsfort: 1st occupation after renovation - House Bel-étage 4CH located in a very quiet area. Reference : 3433654, property Address, ask this information. 8 It soon became a fashionable, bourgeois neighbourhood. The Boitsfort Hippodrome was a horse-racing course, built in 1875 but no longer in use. In common with all the Brussels municipalities, it is legally bilingual (FrenchDutch). The project is known as Droh! Boitsfort/bosvoorde AND watermael/watermaal, for many people, the names Watermael/Watermaal and Boitsfort/ Bosvoorde are inextricably linked, but the two halves of this municipality each possess their own distinctive character. A b Jaumain. In 2006 the municipality had a total population of 24,056.

way for residents in the municipality to travel to the city. Municipality in Flemish Community, French Community, Belgium. 7 The construction of a road to the city of Brussels, to the north, through Boitsfort led to the rapid expansion of both settlements. However, it remained a small, somewhat isolated village on the edge of the forest throughout this period. Population per municipality as of (XLS; 397 KB) Jaumain. Tout le monde la meme chose à ce que je vois. Your walk in the Brussels Region takes in beautiful parks, marshes and nature reserves, allowing you to see the clean waters of the Woluwe at various points. It is also home to football team Royal Racing Club de Boitsfort. In Boitsfort/Bosvoorde in particular, you are never far from the cover of the trees. In 2002, the average per capita income was 30,100 euros ; over 600 euros higher than the average for the Brussels-Capital Region as a whole. Citations edit Jaumain. 2 Tips) 9 Tips and reviews, filter: good service great value red curry green curry good for a quick meal, awesome red curry. Thanks to the easier access provided by the road, the municipality has become a popular residential area for the middle classes and a location of choice for businesses. 6 During the Middle Ages, inhabitants of the two settlements farmed and raised cattle and a number of hunting lodges on the edge of the forest were built for members of the nobility.

The first consists of thunder site rencontre tongres three beautiful bedrooms - 20, 15 15 m) thunder site rencontre tongres and a bathroom. Large properties, boitsfort/Bosvoorde is a very popular, green and serene residential site rencontre escort française area. A train line connecting Brussels with Luxembourg opened in 1854. That all changed between 19, when the road known today as avenue Delleurlaan was opened. Between 18, when the Sonian Forest was in private ownership, large sections of the forest were sold and divided into plots. The construction of avenue Delleurlaan, often referred to as the Boitsfort/Bosvoorde bend, was ordered by King Leopold II, who envisaged creating a ring road around the village. Ask the "Vermicelles au boeuf, citronnelle et nems". International AND local, the population of is very Belgian, and the foreign citizens who set up home here primarily come from other EU countries. The International School of Brussels (ISB founded in 1951, is located in Watermael-Boitsfort. On the 3rd floor are two bedrooms - 15 15 m) and a shower room. Originally Dutch was the dominant language, but French became dominant after 1920. AN abundance OF water, you will encounter a number of ponds and streams on your walk. Boitsfort/Bosvoorde is in the valley of the Woluwe, one of the streams of the river Senne. There were a number of racetracks in and around Brussels when betting on races was still a popular pastime. The municipality has a total area of 13 square kilometres (5.0 sq mi) of which 58 percent is covered by the. On the ground floor is a garage. Many people think that the name Bosvoorde is derived from the word bos, the Dutch word for forest but its actually an adaptation of Boutsvoord, the first huntsman of the lodge, who moved from Leuven to Brussels at the request of the Dukes of Brabant, who. 10 Watermael-Boitsfort's first mayor was the liberal Pierre-Théodore Verhaegen, known for his role in the creation of the Free University of Brussels, who held the post between 1810 Notable historic buildings in the municipality include the Church of St Clement of which parts date. Three streams merge to form Boitsfort/ Bosvoordes big pond, which is located almost right in the centre of the municipality. The 1st floor includes a living room - 40 m a kitchen and a beautiful garden of. Uccle, Auderghem and, ixelles as well as the province. 7 Watermael-Boitsfort was created in 1811 during the period of French rule when the two municipalities were merged. Brussels: A Cultural and Literary Companion. Tous est excellent, la table de dégustation change très souvent et l'équipe en place est charmante. It borders the municipalities. 11 Economy and demographics edit View of houses in Boitsfort Watermael-Boitsfort is one of Brussels' wealthiest municipalities.

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THE train ariver OF residential development. Shops and companies started to spring up, and the 1920s saw the expansion of the municipality with the garden cities of Le Logis and Floréal, which are now protected sites. PEB E - (273KWh, 54KgCO2 (m / year) For info visits: century 21 Souverain, More property available on show website. 9 16 percent of its inhabitants were not Belgian citizens; lower than the Brussels average., the municipal government is dominated by the liberal Mouvement Réformateur, regionalist défi (formerly FDF and green Ecolo parties. Bibliography edit Jaumain, Serge;. 4 The earliest mention of the name Watermael is in a document of 914 bequeathing an estate of the name to a French abbey. La Région de Bruxelles-Capitale (2nd.). Covers an area of 13 km2, and the Sonian Forest accounts for more than half of this space. Watermael/ Watermaal, originally a farming settlement, is now the more urban half of the pairing, while village-like Boitsfort/Bosvoorde is greener and smaller even though it had more inhabitants than Watermael/ Watermaal until the 19th century.

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